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Forex Broker Reviews 2023: 700+ Trading Platform Review

Decent customer support is a must for Forex brokers and that goes without a question. In addition to English, customers can get technical support in other languages. The customer of the company can contact the support service in the online chat, by phone, or by mail. The broker’s website states that technical support works around […]

Solved Net Present Value NPV and Internal Rate of Return IRR me

Contents: Conflicts between NPV and IRR: How is hurdle rate calculated? Project Appraisal and Finance Risk of the Investment Estimate the internal rate of return of the replacement decision. Estimate the discounted payback period of the replacement decision. You are required to calculate the internal rate of return of the proposal. The machine required for […]

normative News and Updates from The Economic Times Page 1

Contents: Tax Saving Investment Made Simple India will always stand with the Global South: Jaishankar on UN Day Distinguish Between Positive Economics and Normative Economics, with Suitable Examples. – Economics Positive economics remains strictly neutral towards ends. This means that&m… moredash; One branch relies on a factual approach supported by data. Contrarily, normative economics relies […]